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Since our establishment in year 2001, we seek to provide a holistic approach towards beauty and health so as to enable every valued customer to enjoy a beautiful and more rewarding life. It is our vision to delight every customer and keep on improving ourselves to cater to all of our customers' needs. Our offerings exemplify our four core values: Caring for you always Advanced technology Results oriented Exceptional service We offer a wide range of treatments for face and body, and also specialize in permanent hair removal. The tranquil ambience that we provide in our every outlet will certainly make you feel comfortable and relaxed, away from the hassle and bustle of the outside world. At CareLyna, we make your every visit a delightful and unforgettable one!

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 IPL Ski
IPL Skin Rejuvenation
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a focused, broad-spectrum light which will be applied to the surface of the skin. It h...  More

100% Col
100% Collagen Treat
A sensational anti-aging facial that allows the skin to absorb biochemically active collagen, allowing unification a...  More

Anima Di
Anima Di Volcano
From the volcanoes, this face treat has gathered the richness of the minerals and the energy of the stones, incredib...  More

Caviar D
Caviar DNA Treat
Unlike most ingredients, this luxurious treat is able to penetrate deep down into the layers of our skin, encouragin...  More

Drainage by The Sea
An ultimate skin quencher treatment that quench the outer layer of your skin with sea plankton and ocean algae; able...  More

IPL perm
IPL permanent hair removal
WHAT IS IPL PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL? IPL permanent hair removal is the latest high-tech method of removing unwanted...  More

Microneedle Therapy System
A revolutionary treatment that acts upon aging, scarring and hyper pigmentation! This treatment 'injures' the skin su...  More

Nutrimenti Pumpkin Treat
A sumptuous treat to the skin using active ingredients which leaves a mat finish on the T-zone while moisturizing th...  More

Original Algae Treat
Rich in algae and other active ingredients, this face treat allows your skin a bona fide bath of freshness. When ski...  More

Plant St
Plant Stem Cells Skin Awakening
Using the strength of Plant Stem Cells obtained from Apples, this treatment helps delay oxidative aging of the skin ...  More

Pro-Vitamin C Treat
This unique formula synergies the energy of 3 types of Vitamin C! The treatment prompts the renewal and rebuilding o...  More

Radio Fr
Radio Frequency Face Lift
RF (radio frequency) treatment delivers RF energy to the deep dermis and sub-dermal layers of the skin, whilst prote...  More

Red Wine
Red Wine Vingar Detox
A true treasure of the most refined Italian gastronomy... This treatment is concentrated with precious elements that...  More

Slender Rice Treat
An ideal body treat that helps you to achieve shapely body and elastic skin through reshaping and reactivating your ...  More

Tonifying by Yogurt
A holistic treatment using a yogurt-based product to tone and firm your skin through natural ingredients, leaving y...  More

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