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For instant silky smooth hair free areas, opt for our waxing services. We provide waxing for the following areas: Underarm Half arm Full arm Back shoulder Stomach Half leg Full leg Buttocks Bikini line Brazilian Upper lip Chin Brow shaping

Spa Elements - ION Orchard

Spa Elements - ION Orchard

The founders of Elements started with a fundamental desire to bring the profound benefits of a good massage to people. Starting with aching sportsmen, fitness folks and stressed out people, Elements grew to understand that massage is for every body. What was once thought of as a luxury has been reintroduced as therapy for the well being of anyone. With this new direction, Elements is constantly finding ways to bring down barriers that hinder people from getting that well deserved massage break. We strive to price fairly, and we are constantly checking in on the skill level of our therapists. From bodywork, we again evolved to care for the outward appearance of our clients. We believe that when you feel good on the inside, you should also look good on the outside. We have developed skincare treatments, body treatments that enhance the image of our clients. We stand by our believe that beauty is not just skin deep. We believe in developing that inner sense of well being that exudes itself as beautiful expressions and vibrant personalities. If you feel that good inside, you should definitely reflect it on the outside. So we invite you to celebrate this beautiful life today with us.  More

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Spa Elements at ION 2 Orchard Turn #B1-30 ION Orchard


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