Panda Eyes

Panda Eyes

Any good recommendation to get rid of panda eyes ?

Susan Ting

Sleep more :)
Jeslyn Pang (13 posts) 

Eye gua sha, its the best way to clear the toxin on the lymph nodes in the face. U will feel some soreness, but very effective.
sheena (3 posts) 

Exercise more and sleep optimally (6-8 hours), and drink more water!
Jeslyn (45 posts) 

If it is due to make up, then you should use it judiciously. If it is a symptom of something else, like a skull injury, then the corresponding treatent should be enough. If you are not getting enough sleep, then you should rfectify that.

Dweep (202 posts) 

They're called all sorts of names: Panda eyes, raccoon eyes, eye rings, eye bags... No matter what we call them, dark circles under the eyes is the most common beauty problem among women, according to a 2006 study by Clinique. 

Generally, most people attribute panda eyes to lack of sleep. While it's true that insufficient sleep can make you look like Xing Xing or Liang Liang the day after, dark eye rings can actually be caused by other factors. Understanding the cause of your eye rings is the first step toward getting the right treatment. Different causes call for special treatment modules, so there's really no one-cure-fits-all.

Preeti (10 posts) 

Thanks for the information. 

kiran (10 posts)

check out this link.


rinci (10 posts) 

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