5 Ways to Make Body Wraps Easier

5 Ways to Make Body Wraps Easier

One of the most beneficial and relaxing things to do in today’s hectic life-style is a body wrap. Boy-wraps not only detoxify your body and aid in cellulite loss but also improve circulation and alleviate joint-pain. Five tips to make body wraps easier for you:

1.       Do it at home!

Spas charge an arm and a leg for doing a body wrap. The first step to remember is that doing a body wrap at home will save you a considerable amount of money, and this will allow you to do body wraps more often. Results can only be seen if wraps are regularly done, and it is not possible to go to the spa every few days.

2.       Use natural homeingredients

The whole point of doing a wrap at home is defeated if you end up buying ultra-expensive ‘exotic wrap ingredients’.Body-wrap ingredients are available at affordable prices at your neighbourhood supermarket. Buy clay depending on your skin type. The general recommendation is Bentonite for oily skin, Pink Kaolin for sensitive or dry skin, Yellow Kaolin for normal skin. Add essential oils for that extra comfort and aromatherapy.

3.       Create the spa feel

Just because you are doing a wrap at home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the relaxed feeling you get at a spa. Make your bathroom (or wherever you are doing the wrap) look neat, have a comfortable stool there, light candles and play soft soothing music. Also keep all your ingredients and towels, water etc. nearby so that you don’t have to keep rushing around the house. Get your friend with you for a best friend wrap session. You can wrap each other up and have some fun – it will give you a chance to spend time with each other too.

4.       Recycle

Another way to make body-wraps even cheaper is to reuse the elastic bandages. After you have used them, wash them in warm water on a gentle cycle. Do not use fabric softener, and hang out to dry. There, the bandages are ready for your next wrap!

5.       Stay safe

While you enjoy, remember the little tips that will keep you safe. Keep yourself hydrated, do not stay in a wrap for more than an hour, keep a heater handy, make sure the floor is not slick as wraps may make you dizzy.

That said, enjoy the experience. It is safe to do wraps as often as you want.

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