Sunglasses for retinintis pigmentosa patient

Sunglasses for retinintis pigmentosa patient

I am searching for exhortation about what the freshest & most stupendous ting is for these patients. Anybody tried the new prevenzia crizal yet? Assuming that i utilize prevenzia, it pieces blue light, would it be advisable for me to still do a tint? What do you contemplate drivewear with the prevenzia?

What does it mean sounds technical.:-p

Ayushi (10 posts) 

A group of diseases, often hereditary, characterized by degeneration of both retinas, beginning in childhood and progressing to blindness by middle age. Clinical signs include a reduced range of vision, an inability to see in dim light, loss of color of the retina, degeneration of the central part of the retina, and eventual vision loss.

Effects of Retinis Pigmentosa

  • Discomfort Glare Sensitivity
  • Dazzling Glare Sensitivity 
  • Decreased Contrast Sensitivity 
  • Night Blindness 
Dexter (10 posts) 

Informative information. 

pari (15 posts) 

The name retinitis pigmentosa (RP) was first applied by Doctor Donders in 1857. It is the phenotypic description of several related, yet distinct, hereditary, progressive dystrophies of the photoreceptors of the retina and of the pigment epithelium (which lies just underneath the photoreceptors).

Sunidhi (10 posts) 

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