Why is Eye Care So Important?

Why is Eye Care So Important?

Our eyes are without a doubt very valuable. As per several surveys, sight (the eyes) is what one fears losing the most out of the five senses. Keeping in mind the importance of the eyes and the functions they perform, it is imperative to take measures to keep them in good health. 

However, unfortunately, we often are too busy to take care of our eyes. Many people even take them for granted, which is not a good thing. 

Poor eyesight causes several problems. Many eye defects can be treated by using contact lenses or specs; however, they might still cause obstruction. People with poor eyes may suffer from several drawbacks, including a lack of career options as careers like pilot are not for them.

This is why it is so important to take care of your eyes. There are many eye issues that can be prevented by taking simple measures. Some tips for eye care are given below:

Burning or Itchiness

Burning or itchiness is a very common eye problem that is associated with many things including a lack of sleep, excessive time in front of a computer screen or television etc. Since our eyes are in use at all times when we are awake, it is important that we provide them some rest and do not put excessive pressure on them.

Simple tips to prevent itching include resting, blinking, and keeping eyes moist. Eye care treatment from a spa is also a good option to do away with this temporary problem.


Glaucoma is one of the most widespread and dangerous eye diseases. As per a report by the National Eye Institute and Prevent Blindness America, 2002, more than 2.2 million Americans suffer from this problem. 

Glaucoma can cause permanent vision damage by destroying the optic nerve. Its treatment includes surgery and laser treatment. However, the best way is to take care of your eyes and stay away from this dangerous disease. Exercise, healthy eating habits and controlled weight help decrease the risk of Glaucoma. 


Cataract is the clouding of the lens inside the eye. The disease is associated with poor vision and is the most common cause of blindness. Cataract, one of the most horrific eye diseases, is treated with surgery.

Excessive exposure to sun rays and growing age are associated with this disease. Prevention includes keeping eyes in a good condition and wearing sunglasses when stepping out in the sun. 

Temporary Vision Problems

Many people complain of blurriness and temporary vision problems that often arise due to poor health conditions. Problems such as eye stain or dryness are associated with temporary vision problems. To avoid this issue, one should not put any strain on the eyes. Eye care treatment that cools down eyes may also be taken from a good spa to keep the eyes in good health and reduce the risk of such issues.

These are some of the most common eye problems in the US. Additionally, there are several other problems such as far-sightedness and color blindness. Some of them are hereditary while some are caused by poor eye practices.

The easiest way to keep the eyes in good health is to take care of them. Eating a healthy diet and taking care of the eyes by using the right eye products are some key steps.

Not sure if this article answers the question of eye care. But I will blink more often :)
Susan Ting (16 posts) 

Thanks for another informative, and well -researched article.

Dweep (202 posts) 

What are the symptoms of eye flu?

Eddie (15 posts) 

Low vision and blindness have dire effects on individuals, families, and communities. These effects range from a decrease in quality of life and increased mortality to large-scale economic consequences. Culturally, there is often a stigma associated with blindness, further alienating the afflicted from their communities.Social disadvantages are also enormous: 50% of the blind in impoverished countries report a loss of social standing and decision-making authority, and 80% of blind women note a loss of authority within their families.Fortunately, there is hope that we can reverse these devastating impacts, as long as the medical community continues to increase access to surgery and care.

Axa (10 posts) 

Its useful- thanks for sharing.

Charu (14 posts) 

Your eye’s are not only the most important of your 5 senses, but without proper eye care, the health in the other areas of your body will suffer. As you may know it is extremely important to keep your eyes healthy, but do you know specifically the great results of good eye health Good Looks = Good Health, Improve Your Child’s Life,You Only Have 2 Eyes!,80% Of The Brain Is Associated With Vision In Some Manner,Eyes Are The Windows To The Body.


Ammo (14 posts) 

Thanks for the information. 

Dhruv (10 posts) 

Eye examinations are an important part of health maintenance for everyone. Adults should have their eyes tested to keep their prescriptions current and to check for early signs of eye disease. Children's eye exams are important to ensure normal vision development. Eye exams for children play an important role in ensuring normal vision development and academic achievement of all kids. Vision is closely linked to the learning process. Children with undetected vision problems often will have trouble with their schoolwork. Many times, children will not complain of vision problems simply because they don't know what "normal" vision looks like. If your child is performing poorly at school, be sure to have his or her eyes examined by an eye doctor who specializes in children's vision to rule out an underlying visual cause.

kangana (10 posts) 

Informative information. 

pragiti (27 posts) 

Always clean your ears drum.

jessline (9 posts) 

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