Body Wraps for Weight Loss and Detox: Do They Work?

Body Wraps for Weight Loss and Detox: Do They Work?

Weight loss has become a very vast growing industry;any method that promises reduction of weight faster has become very common and popular. Body Wraps have now become one of the most popular spa treatments.While few spas promote them as a relaxation package many promote them as a weight loss and detoxification package by getting rid of extra celluloids from the body.

Whatis a Body Wrap?

It is a treatment, in which the body is first treated with herbal or chemical ingredients or even pack such as a mud pack after which the body wrapped in heated bandages or thermal blankets sometimes even plastic wraps are used. After the body has been wrapped the person the body sweats due to the heat. After the wrap is removed the body is then cooled down slowly, once the temperature comes down to normal then the body is rinsed and a body lotion is provided to moisten the skin.

It is an age old process in which herbal products were used and linen was used as wrap. As time passed by the process became popular and the product and process’s changed and developed. The body pack basically involves build-up of body heat where the body sweats and is believed to loose weight.

Typesof Body Wraps

There are two types of wraps Water Loss Wrap and Weight Loss Wrap. The following wraps are based on water and weight loss.

1.      Detox Wrap:This wrap includes clay or chocolate or seaweed in the wrap and claims to detox the body.

2.      Slimming Wrap:This type of wrap includes being wrapped in tight warm bandages where the body heat plays an important role.

3.      Moisturising Warp:This wrap included various aromatherapy oils and lotions that hydrate and moisten the skin.

4.      Cellulite Wraps: This wrap is herbal based; it is a cold wraps and is used to reduce the appearance of cellulites on the thighs and butts.

yes, they work.

Veronica (10 posts) 

Body wraps tone up the skin and also detoxifies it. It makes one look slender, however it is not the perfect solution for weight loss, if i.e what one has in one's mind.

Dweep (202 posts) 

Which bosy wrap has more effects for detox?

Janki (12 posts) 

Belly fat reduction weight loss wrap.

olive (12 posts) 

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