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Organic Cellu-Wrap Body Spa A lymphatic contouring body spa therapy that combines intensive anti-cellulite spot massage and thermal organic wrap to reduce water retention as it firms and tones the body, accentuating the sensual curves of your silhouette Mins 30 Lymphatic-Lipolysis Body Therapy A customized state-of-the-art technology that enhances lymphatic drainage to promote toxin elimination and stimulate cell re-generation as it strengthens the immune system MIns 40 G5 Sonic Shape Define Therapy An effective treatment that targets fatty cusions as it stimulates the micro-circulation in localized areas of the body, visibly diminishing the appearance of the’dimpled, orange peel’ skin Mins 40 Micro-Tone Body Therapy A micro-specific body toning treatment that firms up flabby area of the body, stimulating a form of passive exercise to tone and condition the muscles with a overall body slimming and firming effect MIns 40 Micro-Body Slimming Therapy An effective electrolysis treatment that breaks down stubborn fats, accelerates lymphatic circulation and detoxification for a well-defined physique Mins 40 Silhouette Contouring Body Therapy A customized system-4 treatment that enhances the silhouette contours of your body while increasing the production of collagen and metabolism which aids in defining the body for a svelte body Mins 90 Hot Tummy-Slim Therapy A highly intensive tummy fat reduction with electrolysis breaking down of fatty tissues, and organic thermal mask improve circulation and eliminate water retention giving a visibly flat tummy Mins 60


Sanctuary Beauty

Sanctuary Beauty
Sanctuary Beauty seeks to provide a holistic approach towards beauty and health. With our unique blend of the latest technology and the skillful human touch, we will helps you achieve the result your desire. Visit us today to explore our idyllic ambience and feel the difference with our comprehensive range of skin, body and spa services and you will fall in love with us....  More

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